Carrick Swan v Carrick Davins, South Senior Hurling Championship 2010

Swan pip Davins in a Carrick derby to savour

Carrick Swan 2-17
Carrick Davins 1-18

This was the most enjoyable game this year so far in the Glanbia South senior hurling championship. It was a wonderful advert for hurling and the future of hurling in Carrick. At the final whistle Swans were two points ahead of the Davins but all the Davins lost in defeat was the match itself. The considered opinion of most neutrals, and there were many at the game, was that a draw would have been an ideal result but most sport is not geared towards ideal results. Perhaps we saw on Sunday the first shoots of a swing back in hurling power in South Tipperary towards the Carrick end.

Davins began the more lively but shot two early wides. Danny O'Hanlon sent a Swan free wide in three minutes. It was one of the few times that O'Hanlon nodded during the game. Noel Butler and Michael Cronin from a free put Davins ahead but two O'Hanlon frees brought the sides level. In nine minutes O'Hanlon pointed a second 65 to put Swans ahead. Ian O'Dwyer brought the sides level.

J J Butler gave Davins the lead but Paul Diffley levelled for Swan. Darren Fahey of Swan received a yellow card just before Danny O'Hanlon levelled for Swan as Ian O'Dwyer had his second point after 12 minutes. Michael Cronin pointed two more frees, the second for a foul on Shane Butler. As Davins applied the pressure, Alan O,Sullivan at full back fielded very well for Swan. The two number 6s Kevin Lanigan and Lee Mackey exchanged points.

In the 21st minute Dwane Fogarty caused confusion which resulted in a 65 which Danny O'Hanlon pointed. Shane Butler and Keith Condon pointed for Davins, Kieran Reade pointed for Swan with Shane Butler replying for Davins in the 29th minute. Ian O'Dwyer had a fine long range point to leave the half time score Davins 0-12, Swan 0-8.

The first four minutes of the second half saw three points to Swan from two O'Hanlon frees and from Alan P. Ryan. Noel Butler pointed for Davins. O'Hanlon and Lee Mackey exchanged points before Swan goaled on eight minutes via Dwayne Fogarty. Two O'Hanlon frees in the 13th and 14th minutes increased the lead before Lee Mackey pointed for Davins in 17 minutes.

In the next minute Alan P. Ryan goaled for Swan and we feared that Davins would fold, but fair play to them, they didn't. Willie O'Dwyer was booked for Davins following a hard challenge. Sean Barrett came on for Swan as Michael Cronin pointed for Davins. While Swan seemed slightly the better side at this stage they were rocked by a J.J. Butler goal for Davins on 21 minutes.

In the next minute Michael Cronin pointed a free to bring the sides level. Dean Gates came in for Davins. In 24 minutes Stephen Hahessy put Swan back in the lead but Michael Cronin squared the tie from a 65 after 26 minutes. Danny O'Hanlon did likewise for Swan. Some would doubt that the 65 should have been awarded.

Play ebbed and flowed in the final minutes before O’Hanlon ended the scoring after 30 minutes with Swan two points clear.

This win will probably qualify Swan for the semi-final but Davins are not yet out of the equation. Each and everyone of the teams played as if their lives depended on it.

“Thunder” had a fine day at full back for Swan. Kevin Lanigan was steady both at centre back and further up. Up front O’Hanlon took the scoring honours both from play and from frees. The two corner forwards Alan P. Ryan and Dwayne Fogarty did their jobs well and scored the goals. Full forward Stephen Hahessy used his strength to great effect when moved to the middle of the field and was perhaps the difference between the sides.

Davins missed the injured Jonathan Coady. Lee Mackey was his usual elegant self with good support from Michael Ryan. William O’Dwyer did some very good things but sometimes seems to fade out of the game. The Butlers were also well to the fore in the attack but Swan seemed to have too much experience from playing at a higher level.

Perhaps, that is set to change. No mention and little sight of a very good referee Noel Cosgrove. Certainly one of the better days for hurling in South Tipp.

Carrick Swan - Tom Kennedy, John Walsh, Alan O’Sullivan, Gerry Walsh, Martin Russell, Kevin Lannigan, Craig Walsh, Johnny Grace, Darren Fahey, Danny O’Hanlon, Kieran Reade, Paul Diffily, Alan P Ryan, Stephen Hahessy, Dwayne Fogarty. Sub used - Sean Barrett

Carrick Davins - Michael Hackett, Stephen Cronin, Richie McGrath, Keith Condon, Lee Mackey, Michael Ryan, Gerard Robinson, Philip Murphy, Pa Harris, Noel Butler, William O’Dwyer, J J Butler, Patrick Dowley, Shane Butler, Ian O’Dwyer. Sub used Dean Gates

Referee - Noel Cosgrove (Marlfield)