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Club Coaching Course:

posted 14 Jan 2013, 03:36 by Carrick Swans

    On Saturday last Carrick Swan began a GAA certified coaching training programme. It was encouraging to see the massive turnout from current adult players, current underage and adult team mentors and other members of our club who expressed an interest in coaching when this programme was been planned. At the end of the course all participants will be GAA certified coaches and it is hoped that all involved will help out with our underage teams this year. Some of the topics covered on the course include; the organisation of games activities, activities to develop skill and activities to develop the various aspects of physical fitness. The course is being run by the GAA in conjunction with Carrick Swan club and it is designed to educate mentors on best coaching practice. The programme continues this Saturday and we wish all participants the best of luck in receiving their Foundation and Level One coaching certificates.