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Minor Football vs Clonmel Óg/Clerihan

posted 17 Apr 2013, 18:26 by Carrick Swans   [ updated 17 Apr 2013, 18:30 ]
Full Time Score: Carrick Swan 1-7 Clonmel Og/Clerihan 1-2

Full Time Score: Carrick Swan 1-7 Clonmel Og/Clerihan 1-2

This is a game that Swan needed to win to have any chance of progressing in this competition. As the players entered Monroe they realised that conditions were terrible and that this game wasn't going to be an enjoyable one. There was a hurricane blowing up the field (towards the fethard road end) that very nearly resulted in the game being postponed.

Swan won the toss and played against the wind in the first half. Our boys started very well and we were ahead 3 points to 1 after 20 minutes and could have been more only for a superb save from the Clonmel Óg/Clerihan keeper from a Bill Barrett penalty. What happened next is something that you'd see on the A League Of Their Own What Happened Next segment or Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Sean Dowley hit what seemed to be a good kickout and while bending to get his kicking tee, the ball came back towards our goal because of the wind and ended up in our net. Sean could do nothing about it. Unbelievable! 

Danny Fitzpatrick kicked a point before this which went over the black spot of the crossbar and blew back out onto the pitch which caused referee Michael McCormack and the handful of spectators present some confusion but eventually the point was given. 

Half Time Score: Carrick Swan 0-3 Clonmel Og/Clerihan 1-2

The second half began the same as the first with Swan attacking but this time the gael was at their backs instead of in their faces. Swan scored some early points and a Danny Fitzpatrick penalty in the 35th minute put us in the lead 1-04 to 1-02.

Due to the nature of the wind, there was 27 players inside the Clonmel Óg 50m line for 90% of the second half. Swan just couldn't break them down and over the remaining 25 minutes of the half added just 3 points. The main thing tonight was getting the 2 points which keep us in the hunt for a semi final spot. Sunday's match vs Killenaule is another must win game.

Full Time Score: Carrick Swan 1-7 Clonmel Og/Clerihan 1-2 

Wind in Monroe tonight